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Public Authority for Radio & TV

+968 24 94 33 93

Madinat al Allam, Al Qurm, Sultanate of Oman

Public Authority for Radio and TV (PART) was established under Royal Decree No.108/2010, issued on 22nd October 2011, which state that it is a financially and administratively independent legal entity with the authority to manage and dispose of its own funds. It comes under the auspices of the Council of Ministers.

The Authority has taken steps to increase the time devoted to live radio and TV programmes and material.

 Discussion programmes of all types are a sophisticated media format providing an opportunity for members of the community to exchange views on political, economic or social topics and the Authority has extended the time allocated for proframmes of the kind such as: Oman al Yawm( Oman Today), Qahwat al Sabah(Morning Coffee),and Sabah al Khair ya Biladi(Good Morning, My country).

The Authority has also increased the time given to questions of concern to society and it has allocated a slot entitled Qadhiyyat al Tawm(Today's Issue) in Oman TV's tenth news bulletin.

The Authority has its own pages on various social networking sites such as facebook. Twitter and YouTube to provide a forum for listeners and viewers to air their views about radio and TV programmes.

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